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About Us

Individuals coping with vision loss due to eye conditions such as macular degeneration, or glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy may be feeling depressed, alone, and hopeless. Our main purpose is to help these individuals cope with their visual impairment issues through various means.

For over 20 years OASIS for the Visually Impaired has been helping individuals in Chicago’s south suburban area who have visual impairment. We offer help through means of support group services, independent living skills workshops, community education seminars, and information / referral services.


By attending OASIS support group sessions, those who have recently become visually impaired can gain newfound hope as they discover they are not alone.They can experience the love of other members with similar sight loss who have a positive outlook on life.

OASIS educates and instructs regarding adaptive skills which are necessary for independence. Low-vision devices play a major role in the areas of personal and vocational needs.

OASIS also conducts rehabilitation workshops, shares vision-related resources, and provides one-on-one peer and inspirational support.


OASIS for the Visually Impaired
(708) 995-6121

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